Creative writing – Narration

Three basic types of narrators:

  1.     first person narration – main character, secondary character…’I went…I saw…’
  2.     second person narration – told to you – ‘you walk… you find…’ (Choose Your Own Adventure books)
  3.     third person narration – ‘he walked…she found…’

The language you choose for your narrator will affect how people will read your story. They are the one in charge.

Creative writing = Sticky Sticklers sweeties

Sticky Sticklers are tiny rice-paper books that fit snugly in your pockets, brushed with deliciously eye-catching pictures you can lick.

Ink is distilled in the Far North, where the best flavours mature, like firemint, lemoncloud and punkinpuff!

They only come in Winter, maybe they hitch a lift with someone, who knows, but they seem to appear in the shops in early January, and vanish soon after, since they fly off the shelves! They cost very little, so children can afford them, nothing more than 50 cents ever!